A record-setting year for Portland bicycle commuters

About 23,000 people chose to bike to work in 2014.

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About 23,000 Portlanders chose to bike to work in 2014.

The percentage of commuters using a bike was 7.2 percent, a new record.

“Two of the greatest threats we face are climate disruption and rising health care costs,” said Commissioner Steve Novick, who oversees the Portland Bureau of Transportation. “Bicycles are potent weapons against both threats, because when you’re riding a bike, you’re getting healthier and you’re not emitting greenhouse gases. Many people understand that, but assume that only a tiny fraction of people will ever ride a bike. But that’s not true. The numbers can grow — and now we know that they are growing.”

In 2013, Portland had a bike commute rate of 5.9 percent. In 2004 the rate was 2.8 percent.

(SOURCE: Portland Tribune)

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