Portland commissioner proposes longer eviction, rent hike notice

Dan Saltzman introduces stronger protections for renters.

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Hearing renters’ complaints about Portland’s housing market, Dan Saltzman has proposed a possible solution to one aspect of the problem.

Under the Housing Bureau head’s recently-introduced plan, landlords would have to give 90-day notice if they want to evict or raise rent by more than 10% on tenants.

“Portland renters need additional protections,” Saltzman said in a news release. “Our city is experiencing record low vacancy rates coupled with record high rents, creating the perfect storm of housing uncertainty for many Portland families.”

Saltzman’s proposal—announced with the support of Mayor Charlie Hales—arrives the morning after the Community Alliance of Tenants declared a “state of emergency” for Portland renters, citing several recent building-wide evictions. (The activists have not released any numbers on how widespread such evictions have become.)

The CAT wanted a year-long moratorium on all evictions and a 12-month notice for rent hikes larger than 5 percent.

(SOURCE: Willamette Week)

He will formally introduce his proposal next month.

Mayor Charlie Hales supports the proposals.

“Dan is right. Protections for renters are entwined in the city’s values of equity and affordability. I applaud his proposals,” stated Mayor Charlie Hales.

(SOURCE: Portland Tribune)

A group representing landlords is likely to fight the idea.

Jim Straub, legislative director for the Oregon Rental Housing Association, said he hopes to discuss options with community and Portland leaders before the City Council reviews Saltzman’s proposal in October.

“We can’t support them as presently proposed but we’re willing to at least engage in conversation,” said Straub, whose group represents about 5,500 mom and pop landlords statewide.

(SOURCE: OregonLive.com)

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