Lake Oswego software company buys its competitor

NAVEX Global acquires Atlanta-based The Network.

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NAVEX Global has acquired its Atlanta-based competition, The Network.

The companies specialize in software that manages legal and regulatory compliance.

“By merging The Network with NAVEX Global, our organization will be unique in its ability to provide innovative ethics and compliance software, expanded content and industry-leading services to help customers meet increasingly complex regulatory and ethical challenges,” said NAVEX Global President and CEO Bob Conlin in a news release. “Together, we offer an exceptional combination of GRC capabilities that is transformative for our customers.”

NAVEX’s client base increases to more than 4,000 with the acquisition.

The companies also have similar customer profiles and market strategies. The move is considered growth-oriented, as opposed to expense-based.

“NAVEX has done better internationally, and international expansion is part of the strategic initiatives going forward,” said NAVEX President and CEO Bob Conlin. He added that the company’s two-year-old London office is doing exceedingly well.

(SOURCE: Portland Business Journal)

NAVEX owners bankrolled the purchase.

The Network had recently opened a “very small office in Portland,” with fewer than 10 people, Colin said. He said those employees will join NAVEX. The company has a relatively large client base oversees, according to Conlin, who said that fit with NAVEX’s plans to grow internationally.

And while NAVEX has no other “imminent” deals in the works, Colin said the company expects to buy other companies to add new technologies and services.


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