Summer Workshop: How do you manage a changing workplace?

Discussing marijuana, diversity, and discrimination.

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Presented by Michael G. McClory

Pot, pot, pot.  From medical marijuana to legal recreational weed, it seems that we are surrounded by its ceaselessly changing cloud of confusion.  “My downstairs neighbor with cancer smokes like a chimney and it seeped through my floorboards.  Please forgive my positive test.”  “My spouse’s service dog is sick after digging up and eating baby pot plants.  Can I have family leave to care for the dog…and my spouse?”  These and other questions make your head spin.

Bullard Law is going to help you out.  With 10 quick hits of our workplace marijuana information, you will have a newfound sense of clarity.  Bring your curiosity, your imagination and your questions to this interactive multi-media workshop.  

Presented by Liani J. Reeves

“Affirmative action” is on the outs. Words like “diversity,” “inclusion,” and “equity” are in. But how do we meaningfully address these issues when talking about race in the workplace is risky business? How do we make “diversity,” “inclusion” and “equity” a reality in our workplace? This seminar will look at ways employers can cultivate and embrace diversity and inclusion in the workplace within the legal framework of affirmative action and anti-discrimination laws.

Presented by Liani J. Reeves

Employers are on the hook. The United States Supreme Court recently found Abercrombie & Fitch engaged in religious discrimination for refusing to hire an applicant who wore a hijab as part of her Muslim faith. At least two federal appellate courts have allowed transgender plaintiffs to assert discrimination claims based on “sex stereotyping” under Title VII. In California, a jury recently awarded a former Auto Zone store manager $185 million in punitive damages in her sex and pregnancy discrimination lawsuit. This seminar will look at recent discrimination cases and discuss hot topics and trends in the area of employment discrimination and make recommendations on how best to avoid liability in these developing areas.

Cost includes parking, continental breakfast, lunch and materials.

Presenters: Mike McClory – biography and Liani Reeves – biography

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Lunch: After participating in a interactive program all morning, you’ll be hungry. Please join us in the Bullard Law offices upstairs, in Suite 1900, after the Workshop for lunch and engaging conversation.

Parking: Complimentary parking is available in the 200 Market Building garage. Public transportation is also an option. The Tri-Met MAX lines (Yellow and Green) conveniently drop off two blocks west of the building at PSU Urban Center/SW 5th & Mill St.

This seminar is intended for bona fide management representatives. Bullard Law reserves the right to make the final decision about participation.

Seating is limited.  Please register early.

HRCI credit pending.

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