Oregon solicitor general resigns

Jerry Lidz has resigned over the investigation of former UO Athletic Director Mike Bellotti’s unwritten deal.

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Solicitor general Jerry Lidz has resigned from his position in the Attorney General’s office, citing the handling of the investigation of UO Athletic Director Mike Bellotti’s unwritten deal with the university.

Lidz’s wife, Melinda Grier, was fired from her job as UO’s general counsel, and Attorney General Kroger criticized her handling of the case.

Lidz gave his resignation to Kroger last Tuesday, writing that he “disagreed strongly with the process and the outcome of the ‘Bellotti investigation.'” Lidz said he had “deep disillusionment with DOJ’s approach to the Bellotti matter.”

In an e-mail to colleagues the next day, Lidz said he stewed for a month about what had happened to his wife. He wrote that the state Department of Justice played “a substantial role” in his wife’s reassignment. “I didn’t approve of the way it all happened,” Lidz said.

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