NW Natural will build pipeline despite protests

Northwest Natural Gas Co. will continue its plans to build Palomar pipeline across Eastern Oregon.

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While protesters rallied outside the Oregon Convention Center, NW Natural CEO Gregg Kantor announced to shareholders that the company will continue its Palomar pipeline project across Eastern Oregon.

The 217-mile pipeline would provide a back-up supply of gas to Canada and the American Rocky Mountain region.


NorthernStar Natural Gas Co. on May 4 declared bankruptcy and abandoned its proposed Bradwood Landing import facility in Oregon. The bankrupt company had contracted with NW Natural to build the Palomar pipeline, which would have connected the terminal to the interstate system. NW Natural, in return, would have purchased a portion of the imported liquefied natural gas to diversify its natural gas supply.

Now without the Bradwood terminal, NW Natural is in a bind. The company must find other new supplies of natural gas and NorthernStar still owes NW Natural $17.2 million for the contract, Kantor said Thursday.

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