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Beaverton firm’s business intelligence platform rivals that of industry heavyweights.

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Beaverton firm’s business intelligence platform rivals that of industry heavyweights

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Jason Bakke, president, shows how Manifest Insights’ real-time data visualization platform eliminates outdated information that paper reports provide.

Behind the standing desks of their new office suite, developers at Beaverton-based Manifest Insights have devised a data visualization platform rivaling those of the biggest names in business intelligence.

Just six months since its official launch, Manifest Insights counts a pair of Fortune 500 companies among the clients using its real-time data visualization tools and charts to unearth patterns and inform business decisions. The platform integrates with virtually any data source.

Key Features

• Integrates with virtually
any data source
• Deployed in-house or
in the cloud
• One-click creation of
charts and graphs
• Annotate charts with
events and comments
• Compare multiple data
sources in one chart
• Export charts for
meetings and 
• Reports automatically
delivered via email
• Can be re-packaged and
re-sold to customers

In January, Manifest Insights hired 30-year-old Jason Bakke to serve as president. The Troutdale native says the Manifest Insights dashboard is both powerful — capable of deep-dive analytics for those inclined — and easy to use. It was made with C-level executives in mind, Bakke said.

“With our system, clients are able to generate meaningful visualizations on the fly, and without needing to be an IT expert,” he said.

Manifest Insights has a unique backstory: the platform is a spinoff business unit of Manifest Web Design, a successful web development firm whose clients asked for a better business intelligence tool a few years back.

Where Manifest Insights stands above the competitors, Bakke said, is his company’s consultative approach. Manifest Insights meets with each client to identify the data important to their business, to feed data into the platform and to organize it in a meaningful way. The price tag for competing services is steep, often in the range of six figures, and customers are left to implement the platform on their own.

Manifest Insights costs far less, Bakke said. And unlike some competitors, it can be deployed in the cloud and on-premise, an important privacy consideration.

“The competition is asking clients to pay for the service, clean up their own data and deploy it themselves” Bakke said. “Their clients are left spending months on internal discovery, automation and deployment. We’re asking, ‘What are your data sources and how do you want to be able to use that data? We’ll handle the integration, automation and deployment,’” he said. The platform can become operational within weeks, without any heavy lifting from an IT department. This alleviates a common pain point Bakke has noticed: IT backlogs stretching a year or more.

Recently, Bakke and his team visited a manufacturing plant owned by a prominent client. They deployed the Manifest Insights platform alongside the plant’s operations team. Month-old production data that company executives once used to drive decision-making can now be seen in real time, in a single pane of glass.

In the early going, Manifest Insight’s customers include manufacturing, marketing, sales and customer service firms, but the platform’s benefits extend to any industry where data solves problems.

The client list for the Manifest Insights platform continues to grow, and Bakke expects to double the size of his staff before year’s end.

Already, Bakke’s team of researchers are eyeing the next chapter of the Big Data story.

“Most companies’ current pain point is an enormous amount of data, and no easy-to-use method to understand it in real time,” he said. “In five years, they’ll ask: ‘What metrics do we need and haven’t even started to think about?’”

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