Survey methodology

Get an overview of 100 Best survey components and how both the employee and employer benefits surveys are conducted and scored.

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The survey is voluntary and free of charge. Participating companies, firms or divisions must have at least 15 Oregon employees.

Size categories

Companies are categorized as SMALL if they have 15-34 Oregon employees; MEDIUM with 35-99 Oregon employees; and LARGE companies are those with a total of 100 or more Oregon employees.

Employee survey

For the 2015 survey more than 11,000 Oregon workers rated their satisfaction with 271 employers in 30 workplace qualities — 4 in each of the first five categories below, and 10 in Sustainable Practices.:

1. Work Environment: flexibility and work/life balance, diversity, teamwork and fun, workspace technology and efficiency , policies and procedures. 
2. Management & Communications: employee treatment,performance feedback, communications, discipline, rewards and acknowledgement. 
3. Decision-Making & Trust: shared accountability, trust in management, collaboration and involvement, community and charity, workplace pride. 
4. Career Development & Learning: on-the-job training, educational support, growth opportunities and promotions, job goals and expectations. 
5. Benefits & Compensation: compensation fairness and adequacy, health wellness plan, retirement plan,  paid time off, raises and bonuses. 
6. Sustainable Practices (Used for 100 Best Green Cos. List): sustainable progress and goals, recycling, water and energy conservation, renewable energy, transportation, facilities, purchasing policies.

Employer benefits survey

Company representatives answer more than 50 questions covering a comprehensive set of benefits including health and wellness plans, time off, family-friendly policies, work scheduling, incentives, retirement plans, corporate culture and sustainable practices (used for 100 Best Green Cos. List)


The employee survey counts for 5/6 of a participating company’s 100 Best Companies score. For each company, the average employee rating is calculated in each of the first five categories of the survey on a scale of 0-100. The benefits survey is also scored on a 100-point scale, accounting for the remaining 1/6 of the overall score, resulting in a total possible score of 600. Satisfaction and Importance ratings from the final Sustainable Practices count for 2/3 of the 100 Best Green Cos. score, with questions from the Employer survey counting for the remaining 1/3.


The 2015 100 Best Companies are composed of the Top 33 Large, Top 34 Medium and Top 33 Small Companies based on the scoring formula above. The 2015 100 Best Green Companies lists the Top 100 participating companies and nonprofits based on employee satisfaction and importance, and employer benefits survey answers.