Maximizing employee involvement

How to engage employees in the 100 Best process, boost the number who take the survey and receive the best, most honest feedback on your workplace.

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1. Launch the survey: Senior management should demonstrate a strong desire to hear from employees. Questions and concerns from employees should be aired to remove any obstacles to their participation and get everyone on the same page. Make any meetings fun and as brief as possible.

2. Reach out to employees: Send weekly emails, make the survey accessible from your Intranet, post flyers around the workplace and/or have supervisors remind employees verbally. Remember that hard-copy versions of survey are available in English, Spanish, Russian and Traditional Chinese for employees who need them. Be known and accessible to employees who have questions. But be careful not to send excessive reminders or pressure them against their will.

3. Compress the survey: While we provide a two-month survey period, employee fatigue may be avoided by limiting your company’s effort to a shortened period of 1-4 weeks. If you have several hundred or more employees, you may wish to focus communications on various divisions over the course of the period.


4. Promote a positive environment: Ensure that supervisors give employees time and space to comfortably complete the survey. You may wish to offer treats or group rewards, but we recommend not giving prizes for completion. Ultimately, employees should take the survey on their own initiative, not for a reward.

5. Share results with employees:
Following the survey period, all companies can order reports of their individual results. We highly encourage you to share these with employees during meetings, retreats or in mass communications. This affirmation that their feedback was received will greatly encourage them to participate in future surveys and engage in constructive dialogue with management.