Oregon’s GOP primaries gain national attention

Republican newcomers are leading in state-wide primary races, and may provide more of a challenge than expected for Democrats.

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Anti-insider sentiment may boost the campaigns of the two rookie Republicans running for office, bringing national attention to Oregon’s primary races.

Jim Huffman, candidate for U.S. Senate, and Chris Dudley, candidate for governor, expect that primary victories will inspire contributions from the national party.

“Neither GOP candidate is particularly strong,” said Tim Hibbitts, a political consultant here. “But if they can reach a certain threshold with voters, then a tide could sweep them in.”

Both Messrs. Huffman and Dudley are counting on quasi-celebrity to eke out primary victories. Mr. Huffman has raised a Libertarian voice on spending and taxation as a frequent columnist for the state’s largest newspaper, the Oregonian. Mr. Dudley played for the Portland Trail Blazers, the state’s lone big-league sports franchise. The Yale graduate was known as a prolific rebounder, but dreadful at the foul line. His streak of 13 straight missed free throws set an NBA record.

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