2013 100 Best methodology, category winners and alpha list

Find out how the 100 Best Companies are determined, see the category winners and refer to our alphabetical list.

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The survey is voluntary and free of charge. Participating private and public companies, nonprofits and government agencies must have at least 15 Oregon employees at the time of taking the survey. Employers are categorized as small if they have 15-34 Oregon employees; medium if they employ 35-99 Oregon employees; and large if they employ 100 or more in Oregon. For the 2013 survey more than 13,000 Oregon workers rated their satisfaction with 273 employers in 25 workplace qualities — 5 in each of the following categories:

1. Work Environment: flexibility and work/life balance, diversity, teamwork and fun, workspace technology and efficiency, policies and procedures.

2. Management & Communications: employee treatment, performance feedback, communications, discipline, rewards and acknowledgement.

3. Decision-Making & Trust: shared accountability, trust in management, collaboration and involvement, community and charity, workplace pride.

4. Career Development & Learning: on-the-job training, educational support, growth opportunities and promotions, job goals and expectations.

5. Benefits & Compensation: compensation fairness and adequacy, health/wellness plan, retirement plan,  paid time off, raises and bonuses.



Company representatives answered 41 questions covering a comprehensive set of benefits including health and wellness, time off, family-friendly policies, work scheduling, incentives, retirement plans and culture.


The employee survey counts for 5/6 of a company’s score. For each company, the average employee rating is calculated in each of the five categories on a scale of 0-100. The employer benefits survey is also scored on a 100-point scale, accounting for the remaining 1/6 of the overall score, and resulting in a total possible score of 600.


1. Eligibility: Any private or public company, subsidiary or division, nonprofit or government agency with at least 15 Oregon-based, regular employees is eligible to enter the survey. The organization may be headquartered outside the state.

2. Survey period: The process for the 2014 list will begin in late August and end in November 2013. There is no charge to participate, and companies that do not make the list will remain anonymous. All participants that complete the process can order survey results, providing a valuable, in-depth view of workplace strengths and weaknesses.

3. Submitting your company: Send an e-mail with the name, title, phone number and
email address of the person who will act as the 100 Best contact to: [email protected].

4. Mark your calendar: The survey sign-up link will be posted to www.oregon100best.com in late August.



WORK ENVIRONMENT1. U.S. Cellular 95.2
2. Pacific Residential Mortgage LLC 94.5
3.Digimarc Corporation 93.5
1. Slalom Consulting 96.8
2. Adroit Construction (tie) 96.7
2. Logical Position (tie) 96.7
1. Barran Liebman LLP 98.8
2. Jackson County Physical Therapy 98.7
3.McKenzie Commercial Contractors 98.6
2. Pacific Residential Mortgage LLC 89.9
3.Pacific Landscape Management 89.5
1. Slalom Consulting (tie) 96.5 1 Logical Position (tie) 96.5
3.Adroit Construction 91.8
1. Finity Group LLC 97.8
2. Quango 96.7
3.Rose City Mortgage 96.0
DECISION-MAKING & TRUST1. Pacific Residential Mortgage LLC 93.2
2. Capitol Auto Group 93.0
3.U.S. Cellular 92.8
1. Slalom Consulting 97.9
2. Adroit Construction 97.5
3.Delap LLP 96.7
1. Boly:Welch Consulting | Recruiting 98.5
2. McKenzie Commercial Contractors 98.3
3.Point B 98.2
2. Capitol Auto Group 91.1
3.Pacific Residential Mortgage LLC 91.0
1. Delap LLP 96.1
2. Slalom Consulting 95.6
3.Logical Position 94.6
1. Finity Group LLC 99.3
2. Jackson County Physical Therapy 95.6
3.The Hershey Co., Dagoba Plant 95.0
2. Oregon Research Institute 90.0
3.Olsson Industrial Electric 88.8
1. Ruby Receptionists 94.6
2. Delap LLP 93.3
3.Pacific Crest Federal Credit Union / Walsh Construction Co.(tie) 92.2
1. Redmond Dental Group 98.2
2. McKenzie Commercial Contractors 97.1
3.The Hershey Co., Dagoba Plant 94.3
2. Lane Powell PC 78.3
3.Perkins Coie LLP 76.3
1. Emerick Construction Co. 79.2
2. Edelman 75.0
3.Sussman Shank LLP 73.7
1. McDonald Jacobs PC 73.0
2. Barran Liebman LLP 71.5 3 Hitachi Consulting 70.8



AKT CPAs and Business Consultants15 ACME Business Consulting10 Barran Liebman LLP1
Alpine Mortgage Planning28 Adroit Construction4 Behind the Smile Dentistry for Children33
Andersen Construction33 Allion USA30 Boly:Welch Consulting | Recruiting2
Capitol Auto Group8 Axium24 Bremik Construction11
Carr Auto Group31 Cascade Energy15 The CHP Group28
Consumer Cellular17 Columbia Community Bank33 Clatsop Community Bank24
Davis Wright Tremaine LLP24 Cook Security Group14 Davidson Benefits Planning LLC26
Digimarc Corporation6 Delap LLP2 Evergreen Consulting Group LLC8
Grange Co-op11 Edelman29 Finity Group LLC7
Janrain32 Elemental Technologies32 Gorilla Capital31
Jive Software10 Emerick Construction Co.7 Grady Britton27
Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, Portland29 Farleigh Wada Witt23 The Hershey Co., Dagoba Plant5
KPMG LLP16 Fortis Construction19 Hitachi Consulting17
Lane Powell PC20 Hagan Hamilton Insurance6 Image Pressworks22
Levi Strauss & Co.18 Independent Dispatch Inc.21 Isler CPA25
Lone Rock Timber27 Kidder Mathews27 Jackson County Physical Therapy4
Odyssey Hospice of Portland25 KPD Insurance31 Madden Industrial Craftsmen12
Olsson Industrial Electric4 Logical Position12 Matrix Networks20
Oregon Research Institute3 Magnum Opus16 McDonald Jacobs PC14
Pacific Continental Bank23 Ninkasi Brewing Co.22 McKenzie Commercial Contractors3
Pacific Landscape Management19 Pacific Benefit Consultants17 Mortgage Trust Inc.32
Pacific Residential Mortgage LLC9 Pacific Crest Federal Credit Union28 Northwest Staffing Resources30
Performance Health Technology30 PayneWest Insurance (formerly Western States)8 Pittman & Brooks PC19
Perkins Coie LLP2 Roundhouse11 Point B9
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP5 Ruby Receptionists3 Quango16
R&H Construction21 Slalom Consulting1 Quantum Innovations34
Rogue Federal Credit Union7 SLR International Corp.26 Redmond Dental Group10
Self Enhancement Inc.12 Sussman Shank LLP20 Research Into Action29
Sleep Country USA14 Swagelok Northwest5 Riverview Community Bank18
U.S. Cellular1 TraneOregon13 Rose City Mortgage6
Unitus Community Credit Union13 Urban Airship25 SOS Employment Group15
VW Credit Inc.22 VanderHouwen & Associates18 Sterling Communications13
Waggener Edstrom Worldwide26 Walsh Construction Co.9 Washington Trust Bank21