Consumers pine for better battery life

ASSOCIATED PRESS: As cell phone use soars, battery life has been plummeting.

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ASSOCIATED PRESS: As cell phone use soars, battery life has been plummeting.

Companies recently showed off battery chargers and smartphone extenders at the annual gadget show known as CES. One that seems particularly convenient is the 911 Boost, developed by Florida entrepreneur Bernard Emano and his two firefighter sons. The small black square weighs only 2.3 ounces and is designed to be carried on a key chain. It’s versatile, with three different retractable jacks so it can plug into new and old model iPhones, and any other phone that takes a micro-USB plug.

The $30 device can provide only about a 60 percent charge for most phones, though. Emano explains that a battery with more capacity would be too heavy for a keychain. His device can plug into a wall outlet while connected to a phone, so the phone and the charger can both recharge together. They’re sold at; Emano is in talks with retailers.

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