Hard road ahead for Schrader

Congressman Kurt Schrader’s freshman status and other factors make re-election a challenge.

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Rep. Kurt Schrader faces several challenges as he goes up for re-election, his inexperience and declining Democrat fortunes among them.

But Schrader is handling the campaign calmly and says he understands the limits of his newcomer position.

He’s a self-described pro-business moderate in a chamber that is generally considered liberal and free spending. That’s one reason a Washington Post/ABC News poll released Wednesday found the most “anti-incumbent electorate” since 1994. His voting record backs it up, with Schrader voting liberal 63.8 percent of the time, second-lowest among Oregon Democrats behind only the enigmatic Rep. Peter DeFazio.

Schrader’s moderate-to-slightly conservative posture on fiscal matters, along with his attention to issues such as agriculture and small business should help him in a district with few large cities and lots of open space, independent election analysts say. The nonpartisan Cook Political Report lists the 5th District as “lean Democratic,” which is encouraging if you’re Schrader. But the margin is only 1 point, which highlights the volatility and danger he faces.

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