Jill Eiland balances life, work, play

0912 LiveWorkPlay JillEilandJill Eiland, corporate affairs manager for Intel, balances life, work and play.

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0912 LiveWorkPlay JillEiland
Eiland at her favorite coffee spot, Bean & Tree Coffee House in the Riverplace district.
// Photo by Sierra Breshears

Jill Eiland got her start in public affairs working for Sen. Bob Packwood, first as his appointment secretary and then as a member of his personal staff for five years. Before joining Intel in 2006, Eiland was VP of corporate communications for Knowledge Learning Corporation, and senior director of government and public relations for KinderCare Learning Centers. She also has served as vice president of The Rockey Company, a regional public affairs firm; director of public affairs for Portland General Electric; and a principal of Edwards Associates in Washington, D.C. Eiland, 60, is vice president of the State Board of Higher Education, serves on the OSU Foundation Board of Trustees and is co-chair of the Greater Portland Regional Export Council. She lives in Portland’s Riverplace district and has three grown children.


“Fun-loving, passionate, committed to public service. I’m proud to represent Oregon’s largest private employer, and seriously proud of my family and children’s accomplishments. Devoted to OSU. Orange is my favorite color. My orange Volvo has license plates that read ‘Jillvo.’ What’s most important is being mentally and physically fit, reading, staying engaged in challenges facing Oregonians. I love my life.”


“Sen. Packwood had a white Winnebago that was his mobile office; that’s what we used to travel the state. I used to manage the statewide Trojan campaign for PGE. What could be more difficult than being the paid apologist for a troubled nuclear plant? At Intel I love the daily challenges, the rigorous business environment and the obvious commitment to excellence and technology leadership.”


“I love theater, I love music, I love sporting events. I’m going to go see Jersey Boys next weekend. I’m known to go to New York for a fashion weekend. I’m a big Dolce & Gabbana fan. For my birthday last year, friends took me to Dolce & Gabbana in Milan. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. I’m a huge Prince fan. I’ve been to nine Prince concerts. His song Call My Name is the ring tone on my cell phone.”


“Keeping in touch with friends and family is very important to me. I still see my best friend from high school annually. She lives in Arizona. I like to send and receive letters in the mail. I keep a giant box of birthday cards next to me. I believe strongly in the value of technology and being connected, but there’s nothing better than a handwritten thank-you note.”


“In my youth, I was an award-winning tap dancer. I performed all over Portland with Merlene’s Muppets. Five years from now I’ll hopefully still be working. I’m a late bloomer in every aspect of my life. I got married relatively late. Had kids relatively late. I’ll probably be one of those people late to retire. Maybe I’ll own a small boutique in my retirement years. I just sold my suburban family home. I’m now an official empty nester.”

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