Group plans protest of Obama speech at Nike HQ

The Oregon Fair Trade Campaign is upset with the president’s stance on the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

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The Oregon Fair Trade Campaign plans to protest the Trans Pacific Partnership during President Barack Obama’s scheduled talk at Nike. 

In a statement, the group said: “The TPP model of globalization, epitomized by Nike, is to offshore jobs to countries with horrendous labor and environmental practices. That’s great for corporate elites who want to sell sweatshop-made goods at a huge mark-up, but it’s awful for Americans looking for good-paying jobs.”

From the Portland Business Journal:

The president will “discuss how workers will benefit from progressive, high-standards trade agreements that would open up new markets and support high-quality jobs both for Oregon small businesses and large companies like Nike,” a White House official said in a statement last week.

The president will attend a fundraising event for the Democratic Party on Thursday night at the Sentinel Hotel. The Oregon Fair Trade Campaign also will protest that event. The organization expects 150 at Thursday’s protest and around 50 Friday at Nike.

In Eugene, Rep. Peter DeFazio joined a demonstration against the “fast-track” trade proposal by displaying a roll of toilet paper with “#FlushTheTPP” written on it.

See the Register-Guard’s photo here.


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