Recession hits hard in Yachats

The tough economy is even harder on Yachats and other Oregon coastal communities.

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After an economic boom five years ago, Yachats joins other communities on the Oregon coast that are being hit especially hard by the recession.

Subdivisions remain unfinished and several other projects are either stalled or in foreclosure. But citizens are optimistic that the town will survive.

What’s going on in Yachats? To some degree, it’s the same thing that is going on across the country. But an economic downturn can hit especially hard in small communities such as those that dot the Oregon coast. And in the case of Yachats, it’s hitting a village with a high poverty rate and about 750 people, so everyone here hurts.

Still, locals say their little town, all of 0.9 square miles perched between the forest and the sea a little more than 20 miles south of Newport, is not about development or business, but about people, and that’s why they have faith their little village will endure.

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