Solar startup targets homes

A Bend-based company is making it easier for residents to install solar power in their homes.

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Bend-based AC Solar Technology will soon begin manufacturing its Blue Leaf 210W AC module, which was recently presented before industry representatives at a startup conference in San Francisco.

The module is designed to make home solar-power installation easier and thus open up the market to more residential and small commercial users.

Photovoltaic systems produce DC, or direct current. Most electrical appliances in a home use AC, or alternating current. So most solar systems need wires that lead from the solar panels to an inverter, which converts direct current into alternating current. The wires continue from the inverter to the building’s electrical system.

The Blue Leaf module essentially removes the direct current portion. It has no DC wiring or components and uses AC from the modules to the power grid, according to a company news release. It has a single AC line leading from the inverter on the back panel. It’s like an extension cord, Harris said.

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