Winds changing at Steens

The scenery on Steens Mountain will soon be dotted with wind-farm developments.

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Columbia Energy Partners has gotten the green light from Harney County to develop a wind farm on Steens Mountain by the end of the year, with more developments on the way.

The projects are just some of the many wind-farm projects being planned across Eastern Oregon.

In addition, Columbia Energy has two more wind projects in the works for the Steens slope, plus another for Riddle Mountain to the northeast. A Houston company is scouting 18,000 acres to the south for a wind farm in the Pueblo Mountains, and more could follow.

“There are a number of sites being prospected by developers,” said John Audley of Portland’s Renewable Northwest Project, a coalition of companies and groups that promotes renewable-energy projects. “These prospectors are like old gold miners.”

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