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Farm to Fit: Staying ahead of the curve

Six years ago, Dre Slaman, 36, and G. Scott Brown, 44, decided they wanted to leave L.A. and move somewhere they considered creative. After weighing the options, the duo, who have a background in acting, decided Portland was the clear standout. But back then, the Rose City was missing something: a meal delivery service.

Oregon's Fiscal Flow

It's widely recognized that there are two Oregons: one centered on the Portland metropolitan area and another composed of the state’s smaller cities and rural areas.

Portland Commissioner Fish against business tax hike

A proposed Portland business tax hike — seeking to raise $9 million for city programming may be on the way out.

From OPB:

In a council work session Tuesday, (Commissioner Nick Fish) said the council has recently asked the business community to shoulder other new costs, due to laws requiring paid sick leave and raising the minimum wage. 

“One of the things that I’m hearing from the community, it’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back syndrome,” he said. 



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PSU payroll tax plan pushes ahead

The Multnomah County Circuit Court approved the proposal’s ballot language; dismisses challenge from the Portland Business Alliance.

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