Tactics: Lindsey Norlander Looks Beyond the Dress

The executive director of Dress for Success Oregon talks
about the organization’s commitment to supporting women and gender-expansive people in the workforce and beyond.

Planned Parenthood’s New Plan

It’s an interesting time to work in reproductive health care.
Amy Handler and Dr. Sara Kennedy, the new CEOs
of Oregon’s two Planned Parenthood affiliates, say they’re ready.

Student Bodies and Minds

School-based health clinics deliver much-needed care to one of our most vulnerable populations. Why doesn’t Oregon have more of them?

Downtime with Nora Apter

Unwinding with the Oregon Environmental Council’s director of programs

Fighting a Plastic Planet

Feeling guilty about existing in a world drowning in plastic? For around $18 a month, Ridwell absolves the shame of generating waste for a select few living in the Portland area. But can the startup really solve our plastic-waste problems?