umatilla.jpgThe City of Umatilla is moving closer to a new city hall and library with the purchase of two pieces of property downtown in December.



t_EugeneMurphy Plywood purchased the former Georgia-Pacific plywood  mill on the west side of Eugene and reopened it in January with 250 employees.



Eugene.jpgAn Oregon arm of the Apollo Alliance, the nationwide effort to expand clean energy industries, plans to put a measure on the November Oregon ballot.



t_PortlandNanotechnology company AcryMed received clearance from the Food and Drug Administration for it’s SilvaGard technology.



t_HemistonThe City of Hermiston donated 6.8 acres of land for a new building that will house classrooms, labs and offices to support the further collaboration between Blue Mountain Community College and Eastern Oregon University.


Rethinking education

“As a state legislator and 12-year faculty member at Portland Community College I appreciated your roundtable concerning Oregon’s education challenges.”