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This week in tech

A roundup of acquisitions, new initiatives and events.

It’s been another good week for tech, as the rollicking economy showered companies and job seekers with money, along with employment and educational opportunities. So quit riding that electric scooter in circles, and head to one of the job fairs and pitchfest events that are coming soon, to a city near you.

Another Silicon Forest buyout

Skyworks, a Massachusetts communications company, acquired Beaverton-based Averna for $405 million, the latest in a round of high-profile investments in Oregon tech. Averna designs chips for wireless audio. Skyworks plans to use the technology for smart speakers, digital assistants, gaming controllers and driver controls inside vehicles.

Want something like that to happen to you? Get yourself to the Bend Venture Competition.

The annual pitch competition, set for October 18 and 19, features early and growth stage competitions, along with an impact round for for-profit companies with a social mission. Growth stage winners could snag $250,000 or more.

More good news: The robots are not coming for your coding job.

At least according to Treehouse CEO Ryan Carson, a guy who makes money training would-be employees for those jobs. Carson restates an oft-repeated maxim at Oregon tech conferences: The jobs aren’t going away; they’re just changing.

In fact, the robots just want to befriend you.

A computer science professor at Oregon State University seeks to make robots more social. "It's kind of like a coworker,” she tells the Oregonian.  It's more fun to work with people that you like and maybe tell you a joke at the end of the day." Hopefully her creations prove to be better comedians than Siri. 

If automation does steal your job, you can always work at Amazon.

Amazon is hosting a big hiring event for job seekers in Troutdale all day tomorrow. The tech giant’s benefits include tuition reimbursement, even for subject areas that have nothing to do with Amazon — although these days it’s getting hard to think of a sector not associated with the e-commerce giant.

If that e-giant scholarship doesn’t pay the bills, try this one.

Five high school students received a total of $200,000 to attend the Oregon Institute of Technology to study mechanical or manufacturing engineering technology. They also scored internships at the Oregon Tech and the Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center in Scappoose. 

This tech networking event might be fun.

Eugene's Tech Tour kicks off on Thursday, September 20th at 5:00 pm. Companies opening their doors for networking and information about job opportunities include Smarsh and Palo Alto Software.

Finally, lest we seem overly optimistic, here’s a Twitter reality check.

In the Twitterverse, Fast Company ranked Oregon among the top ten states to start a startup, Boosters celebrated, until tech startup guru Rick Turoczy reminded them to chill.

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