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Tonkon Torp Offers Collaborative Program for Underserved Business Owners

Tonkon Torp LLP is pleased to announce Tonkon Helping Underserved Businesses (Tonkon HUB), a program that provides financial discounts, training, and resources to small and emerging business owners from marginalized and underrepresented communities.

“We created Tonkon HUB to activate our on-going conversations around equity, inclusion, and diversity, and to provide specific, tangible services to business owners from marginalized or underrepresented communities,” said Tonkon Torp Partner and DEI Steering Committee member Parna Mehrbani.  “Law is a very referral-dependent industry.  Rather than assume a business owner in need of legal services or counsel will find us by word of mouth or reach out to us, we’re being proactive and going out to them to say we want to offer our expertise and services, and here’s how we’re making it possible.”

Tonkon HUB works as a personalized collaboration with small and emerging businesses. Benefits include a free consultation, discounted services, and network introductions that are vital to getting a company through its crucial formation period. The program is not part of a specific practice group, so Tonkon HUB participants can access expertise from attorneys throughout the firm to meet their specific needs.

Tonkon HUB is available to businesses that have 51% (individually or in the aggregate) of senior leadership, executives, or owners who identify as racially diverse or otherwise from historically marginalized communities. More information about Tonkon HUB is located at the program’s page on tonkon.com.

About Tonkon Torp - Tonkon Torp LLP is a leading business and litigation law firm serving public companies, substantial private enterprises, entrepreneurial businesses, and individuals throughout the Northwest. For more information, visit tonkon.com.

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