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Powerlist: Financial planners

Powerlist: Financial planners Joan McGuire

A rundown of the state's largest money managers.

FINANCIAL PLANNERS / MONEY MANAGERS Ranked by Oregon AUM as of 9/30/18
1 Jensen Investment Management $7.2B $8.2B
2 Wells Fargo Private Bank $6.1B $547B
3 D.A. Davidson & Co. $5.2B $42.4B
4 Ferguson Wellman Capital Management $3.4B $5.4B
5 U.S. Bank Private Wealth Management $2.9B $164B
6 Northwest Capital Management $1.8B $4.3B
7 Arnerich Massena $1.4B $2.7B
8 Aldrich Wealth $1.3B $1.7B
9 Pioneer Trust Bank $1B $1B
10 Matisse Capital $900M $1.1B
11 The H Group $608.4M $612.3M
12 Empirical Wealth Management $570M $1.9B
13 Mercer Advisors | Sigma Investment Management $525M $13.1B
14 The Partners Group $504M $596M
15 Sloy, Dahl & Holst $422.3M $751.3M
16 Financial Reserve $349.5M $696.4M
17 Northwest Quadrant Wealth Management $343M $343M
18 Allen Trust Company $340M $340M
19 von Borstel & Associates $332M $405M
20 Peregrine Asset Advisers $320M $360M
21 Hines Warner Wealth Management $312M $314.5M
22 IMS Capital Management $295.8M $295.8M
23 ASI Wealth Management & Consulting Services $208.9M $385.8M
24 Wealth Strategy Partners $200M $250M
25 Hurley Financial Group $195.2M $204.7M
26 Ascent Capital Management $150M $190M
27 Advanced Wealth Management $109.2M $177.7M
28 Pinnacle Wealth Advisor $105M $105M
29 Capstone Wealth Management Group $100M $155M
30 Rutherford Investment Management $88.8M $95.9M
31 Valentine Ventures $88.7M $150M
32 MCS Family Wealth Advisors $78.6M $161.5M
33 Sundowner Capital Management $61M $71M
34 Evergreen Financial Advisors $55.2M $71M
35 Titus Financial $43.7M $44.9M
36 The Legacy Group $40M $46M
Disclaimer: The powerlist is compiled based on responses to a survey. Firms are not included if they do not respond to the survey.



Kim Moore

Kim Moore is the editor for Oregon Business magazine.

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