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Consumers leave pricey organics on the shelf


The recession is forcing consumers to make tough choices at the grocery, with many deciding that pricey organics can be left on the shelf. The industry is saying goodbye to its rapid growth years.


CFM Turns 25

CFM Strategic Communications turns 25 this year and is celebrating with a revamped website, special events for firm alumni and clients, a special-label wine and a list of 25 stories about its client work over the past quarter century.

SEO fundamentals seminar

Formic Seminar Series Presents: Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals: Join us for our next free small business seminar where we will outline fundamentals of an effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for your website.

Integra Telecom cuts jobs

Portland-based Integra Telecom laid off 75 employees this month as it shifted its business in hopes of attracting big corporate clients.
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