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Downtime with Matt Lemman

The Jones Sports Company partner discusses work, life and play.

The Jones golf bag is an iconic product. How do you make the old new?

It started by reconnecting an old friend — our original Jones golf bag — with PGA professionals and players who played competitive golf in the ’70s and ’80s. The bag brings back memories of when the game of golf was simple and pure. Everything you need and nothing you don’t. All we’ve done is updated the materials and added padding to our strap to make it more comfortable. This year we’ve added a new category to meet the needs of the millennial golfer: the Utility series. It’s a modernized version of the classic Jones Stand Bag. We’ve added a double-strap system and reworked the pocket functionalities. We also made sure to keep a lot of the same characteristics of our classic Jones Stand Bag — like the fur top, exterior buckles and twisted handle.

How do you get young people interested in golf?

Once a kid hits their first pure shot on the center of the club face, hears the sound and sees the line of flight straight to their target, they’ll become hooked. It’s just a matter of getting them on the course to show them how great this game really is.

What’s your handicap?

1.6. Let’s call it a 2, though. I need those 2 shots.

Business role model

Hank Ashworth. He and his brother, John, have really made an impact in our industry by providing golfers with a pure, premium and very good-looking product over the years that players and our industry really respect. They have the ability to set the trend for what’s cool. I hope I can say the same about Jones one day.

Advice for young people entering the industry

If you love golf and don’t see yourself working a normal 9 to 5, then go for it. I was working for our family electrical- distribution business six years ago and haven’t looked back. No regrets.

Matt Lemman

What I’m Reading

Dream Golf by Stephen Goodwin. If a book doesn’t involve golf, I tend to lose interest. Spectre; James Bond is another one of my role models.


Venmo. Perfect for settling bets at the 19th hole. GoPro for sure. Love to take it snorkeling.

Family tradition

We travel during Christmas every other year or so instead of giving gifts. It’s different, but we really enjoy it. This last year we went to Maui.

No place like…

Seattle. I was born in Seattle but grew up in Portland. Seattle is Portland on steroids, and I love visiting to relive old memories when I get the chance.

When I’m not golfing

Traveling, swimming, going to the movies, hanging with family and friends.

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  • Jon Carnahan
    Jon Carnahan Wednesday, 02 March 2016 13:20 Comment Link

    Great article, great business and awesome product!

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