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What I'm Reading

The CEO of Axiom EPM, Peri Pierone, and the co-founder of McMenamins, Mike McMenamin, share their recent reads.

0614whatimreadingPeri-PieronePeri Pierone
CEO, Axiom EPM
“While every day seems to be an influx of information gathering and processing, I’ve found the mornings are my best chance to create white space for reading. It is in the quiet of the morning prior to the onslaught of the day’s busy work schedule that I’m able to be reflective and thoughtful about more strategic ideas. I don’t really read for entertainment. I use other mediums for that; most of my reading is for personal and professional growth.”


The Return of the Prodigal Son
By Henri J.M. Nouwen

“The author’s encounter with Rembrandt’s painting of the same name plunged him into a fascinating spiritual adventure. Despite being one of the Bible’s most well-known stories, Nouwen does a masterful job reflecting on homecoming, affirmation, jealousy, vengefulness and reconciliation in a manner that’s fresh and thought provoking. The author depicts how the main characters of this story are all resident within us. The book is a beautiful call to spiritual and human maturity and the transformation it requires.”


Fierce Conversations
By Susan Scott

“Susan Scott’s work has been quite important as we build a culture of transparency and authenticity in our company. A national bestseller, this is an excellent book for any leader who realizes life is really about a series of conversations and exchanges we have with one another. Often it is the words we’re not saying that we should be most concerned about. Fierce doesn’t have to mean confrontational; it refers more to having transparent, strong and passionate exchanges with those we engage with on a daily basis.”


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