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Morning Roundup: Sanders wants Oregon; Wyden fights tax shelters

Election coverage dominates news headlines today:


Get thee to a ballot box. A surge of registered voters for Oregon’s primary could have an impact on the Democratic nomination — if those voters turn in their ballots by the 8 p.m. deadline tomorrow. Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said he can win in Oregon if voters turn up at the ballot boxes. Sanders spoke to Willamette Week from Kentucky on a variety of issues ranging from marijuana legalization and campaign contributions to his preferred tattoo, should he get one. In a word: Sanders would put a bird on it.


Wyden fights back. In the wake of the Panama Papers and revelations tying Oregon to massive shell companies, Sen. Ron Wyden has vowed federal action. Wyden told The Portland Business Journal it’s important for taxpayers to understand the impacts of this tax sheltering: less funding for services. The proposed federal legislation would in theory prevent or lessen the number of anonymous companies taking advantage of tax avoidance. The actual plan, however, is unclear.


Homebuyers out of luck. Last summer, Portland homes were selling the same day they were listed — and at prices much higher than the listing price. A new report from the Regional Multiple Listing Service says home seekers should prepare for an even more intense battle. The market has even fewer homes, and those that are available will sell for more. The Portland Tribune has more.


Obamacare still tied up in court. Voting unanimously to not make a decision, the Supreme Court has returned an Obamacare challenge to the lower courts. The case questioned whether religious organizations were burdened by the contraceptive coverage mandate. The court’s opinion issued Monday said religious organizations could live with a possible middle ground where their plan offerings do not include coverage for some forms of contraceptive. Read more from OPB.

Oil prices climb higher? Gas prices have trickled upward the past couple of weeks, likely due to oil outages more than 7,000 miles away. Nigeria and Venezuela have drastically decreased oil output — the lowest in decades — likely due to acts of sabotage. Goldman Sachs previously warned of an oil market crash, but has since changed its tune, noting the market is in deficit earlier than expected. Prices per barrel reached $48.93 this morning. Reuters has more.


Trans-Rights President. The past week is being touted as the most significant for transgender rights; it  also cemented President Barack Obama’s as the Trans-Rights President. Obama’s administration quickly fought back on North Carolina’s bathroom law — the state and DOJ are suing each other over the law — but this isn’t the first time Obama has fought for the LGTBQ community. The Daily Beast outlines how the president’s ongoing policy has led to this historic moment. 

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