100 Best




  • More Cooks in the Kitchen - Oregonians are proud of the state’s array of small, locally produced food. But small- and medium-batch food manufacturers struggle to find spaces to make and package their products, especially when it’s time to scale up.
  • A Hole New World - Katie Poppe, CEO of Blue Star Doughnuts, talks about what inspired her to try to sell a gourmet doughnut, how the company weathered the pandemic — and what’s next.
  • Stumptown Replaces Starbucks on Alaska Airlines - The Seattle-based airline chose Stumptown as its new coffee provider based on a high-altitude taste test.
  • Growing Up - A $200 million revitalization effort in the heart of Bend signals the end of urban adolescence.



  • OSU To Launch Aquatic Technology Chair with $20 Million Gift - The Gaulke Center for Marine Innovation and Technology will focus on an interdisciplinary approach, combining AI, robotics and oceanography to solve pressing climate challenges.
  • Twist Bioscience Says It Can Deliver Manufactured DNA in 5 to 7 Days - The CEO of the controversial firm says the new service is possible to due its existing technology, plus increased capacity at the Wilsonville facility
  • Keeping Score - A popular app with AI capabilities — fittingly called GameChanger — makes it easier than ever to track and share every moment of a sporting event. The company has upended the world of youth sports and now has its sights on the big leagues.


  • Scott Hamlin Comes Full Circle - The founder and CEO of Looptworks has been working to find a way to “turn a T-shirt back into a T-shirt” since 2009. A Gresham facility opening this month makes it a reality.