NOAA boosts catch-share efforts

NOAA is ramping up efforts to reduce fishing competition that has resulted in overfishing.

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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is increasing its efforts to reduce competition among commercial fishermen, a practice that has resulted in significant overfishing problems.

Yet NOAA also acknowledges that it will not be able to meet Congress’ deadlines to end overfishing of certain species.

“We still have more than 20 percent of fish stocks that are not rebuilt, and a larger proportion of fisheries are not meeting their economic potential,” NOAA chief Jane Lubchenco said in a teleconference from Washington, D.C. “This is a tool we believe will help us realize the full economic and biological benefits of rebuilt fisheries.”

The management system being backed by NOAA – called catch-share – is seen as a way to end overfishing.

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