Portland’s sexy new startup

Blackbox Republic is set to launch its new, adult-oriented social networking site.

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Blackbox Republic, one of Portland’s newest startups, is set to launch its new social networking site – and it’s decidedly sexier than its competitors.

The site is designed to be an online meeting place for the “sex positive,” or those who embrace sexual diversity. The challenge is imposing a fee on users, while its larger peers like Facebook and Myspace are free.

[Founders founders April Donato and Sam Lawrence] counter that they’re not after quantity, but quality. Blackboxers, they say, are there because they’re committed to the experience.

“You’re not going to get scale, but you’re going to get high fidelity experience,” Sam said. He points out that people have proven very willing to pay for membership to online dating sites, and Blackbox already has more than 500 founding members.

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