MAX planners stretch the line

City of Milwaukie requests TriMet amend earlier plans for MAX line through downtown.

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Planners won’t know if the $1.4 billion project will receive full federal grants until March, but Milwaukie officials push to extend the line to Park Avenue.

The city also said last week that, despite rumors that the line would end at Lake Road if the Federal Transportation Administration only provides 50 percent of the project’s funding, the partner jurisdictions have said they will trim aspects along the whole line and carry it to Park Avenue should that happen.

“Everything I have heard to date is they will take bits and pieces out of the project from Lincoln Station in downtown Portland all the way through to Park Avenue and that they will downgrade certain elements … and leave the project intact al the way down to Park Avenue,” said Wendy Hemmen, the city’s light rail project coordinator, at a city council meeting last week.

Read the full story at Portland Tribune.

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