New taxes possible for Bend

City officials are considering a tax increase to close the growing budget gap.

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To solve the budget gap for police, fire, street maintenance and other city services, Bend officials are looking for other ways to generate revenue, including a possible tax increase.

Discussions are still in the early stages, and the issue isn’t scheduled to go to the Bend City Council until December. But city officials said this week that they’re already crunching the numbers to see how much money will be needed to keep services running or what level of cuts will have to be made if the city doesn’t find a way to make up the difference between revenues and expenses over the next few years.

City Manager Eric King said officials are projecting the shortfall in the city’s general fund could top $12 million over the next five years, despite the belt-tightening that’s been going on since the start of the economic downturn.

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