Web tangles happy-hour rules

Bar and restaurant owners say the internet makes Oregon’s happy-hour rules obsolete.

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The Oregon Liquor Control Commission currently places significant restrictions on advertising happy hours outside of the establishments. But many say advertising on the internet makes it impossible to enforce these rules.

Oba is one of many Portland-area bars that use Facebook, MySpace and Twitter to advertise events and bring in business. And like many other bar and restaurant owners, Randy Noia has had his fill of what he views as an antiquated rule. His solution: End all policing of the 24-year-old happy-hour restrictions.

“I can’t see them having the financing to fairly police all bars and restaurants equally,” Noia says of the OLCC. “So then you’re going to end up with selective enforcement. Is that partial? Impartial? Who gets picked on? Who do they determine they’re going to police?”

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