A hot year for wine harvest

Late summer heat is greatly benefiting vineyards throughout the Willamette Valley.

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The warm late-September weather is helping kick off a strong harvest season for Willamette Valley vineyards.

At Sweet Cheeks Winery on Briggs Hill Road just south of Eugene, a crew is moving methodically up and down 65 acres of vines, snipping here and trimming there. This is the time of year for “leaf picking,” when lower leaves are cut away so the ripening clusters of grapes get full exposure to the sun.

General Manager Lorrie Normann said things so far are matching up well with one of the better years for Willamette Valley grapes. One way vintners keep track of grape maturation is through “heat units,” which is a cumulative measurement of how much daily temperatures rise above a base level of 50 degrees.

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