Young and unemployed in PDX

Portland is teeming with young creatives who love the city, but can’t seem to find work.

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A Willamette Week survey shows that many Portland residents have an issue with the flock of people who have moved to the Rose City without work.

If our Economic Meltdown Survey proved anything, it’s this: In Portland in 2009, you’re either a college graduate who moved here without work, or you really hate those people…

Of the survey respondents who’ve lived here more than five years, 38 percent would like to kick out everybody who arrived less than five years ago. Half of you say if the L.A. Lakers offered a trade for Brandon Roy, the first thing you’d ask for is that they take back all the Californians, too. But none of you is going anywhere: Forty-three percent say the lifestyle is too good to even consider moving, while only 7 percent say you’re getting out of town.

Read the full story at Willamette Week.

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