Wind farms score funding

Three Oregon wind farms receive over $140 million in federal stimulus funding.

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Three wind farms in Eastern Oregon were awarded $140 million in federal funding – over 25 percent of a $502-million grant for nationwide projects.

The cash grants, part of the Obama administration’s economic recovery program, are intended to jumpstart renewable wind, solar, geothermal and biomass energy projects while providing jobs. The grants will offset the cost of building Horizon Wind Energy’s Wheat Field wind farm in Arlington and Iberdrola Renewables’s Pebble Springs and Hay Canyon wind farms in Arlington and Moro, respectively…

For the Oregon companies, the grants partially offset construction costs for projects that are already operating — all three came on line in the past year — and provide cash for new projects. Iberdrola, a Spanish company with U.S. headquarters in Portland, will plow the money into Star Point wind farm, a 99-megawatt facility it is building in Sherman County, spokeswoman Jan Johnson said.

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