November ’06 farming, natural resources and energy indicators



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All “latest” numbers are for November 2006 unless otherwise noted.Latest MonthPrevious MonthPrevious YearAnnual Change
Farming/natural resources/energy
Wheat price No.1 soft white, at Portland, per bushel (December)$4.94$4.96$3.4443.6%

All farm products Farm price index (1990-1992=100%) (December)1471401423.5%

All crops Farm price index (1990-1992=100%) (December)1601511516.0%

Livestock Farm price index (1990-1992=100%) (December)106112115-7.8%

Lumber price from Random Lengths Publications, framing composite (December)$288$275$365-21.1%

Lumber production Coast, inland and California redwood regions, Western softwood, million board feet1,2081,4601,516-20.3%

Power PGE, weather-adjusted, million kilowatt-hours1,5701,4731,514.83.6%