Tax foes prepare to fight

The new tax increases have business groups ready to launch a referendum.

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Gov. Ted Kulongoski signed a $733 million tax increase Monday, which he called a “modest” increase on the state’s big earners that would help schools and state programs avoid budget cuts. But business groups and other opponents are prepared to fight the taxes with a referendum campaign.

“Middle-class families will not be paying a single penny more in taxes,” Kulongoski said. “We are asking corporations and the wealthiest Oregonians to pay their fair share to help protect services we all depend on: education, health care and public safety.”

Opponents called the taxes a “job killer” that will slow Oregon’s economic recovery.

“It will force businesses to lay off workers, cut wages and benefits or close their doors,” said Pat McCormick, the spokesman for a coalition of business groups and anti-tax activists who oppose the tax.

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