Unemployment isn’t fair

Gender and industry disparities are evident in recent unemployment statistics.

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Nationwide, men track higher unemployment numbers than women, and the construction and manufacturing industries have seen the most job losses. While this kind of information is not yet available for the unemployed in Oregon, statistics for the “insured unemployed” – those who were laid off and are collecting unemployment benefits – show similar trends.

In June 2009, the insured unemployed numbered about 165,000 (of a total of 241,000 unemployed Oregonians). The gender disparity held up for these folks. Women made up 36 percent of the insured unemployed, and men 64 percent.

Nearly 60 percent of the insured unemployed in Oregon were in five industry categories, according to the Employment Department. Twenty-one percent of the insured unemployed had worked in manufacturing, 15 percent in construction, 11 percent in retail trade, 9 percent in an industry called administrative and waste support services (staffing agency employment makes up the bulk of the jobs in this category) and 4 percent in transportation and warehousing.

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