“Living building” approved

Construction on the Oregon Sustainability Center in downtown PDX gets the green light.

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The 13-story building – set to be the world’s first large-scale “living building” – received $80 million in construction funding from the Legislature. The Center will be able to produce its own energy, recycle water and sewage, and operate without producing net carbon emissions.

In the waning days of the legislative session, lawmakers OK’d an $80 million bond that would be paid off more than 30 years from building rents. Gov. Ted Kulongoski supports the project and will sign the funding bill, spokesman Rem Nivens said Tuesday…

The development team concluded the building could produce all its own energy using a geothermal system and photovoltaic solar panels, plus energy-saving office practices such as laptop computers instead of desktop computers, said Lisa Abuaf, co-project manager for the Portland Development Commission. The building would use existing technology to treat and reuse all water and sewage from the building, she said.

Read the full story at the Portland Tribune.

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