Pulling back on perks

Some companies feel the need to cut back on employee perks as the economy takes its toll.

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As companies in the architecture, construction and engineering industries adjust or cut back employee perks, one PSU professor emphasizes the impact these changes can have on workforce morale.

…Leslie B. Hammer, a professor at Portland State University with a doctorate in industrial and organizational psychology, warned that eliminating perks and other morale boosters from a workplace can have negative results.

“Informal support is really critical when it comes to employee morale and job satisfaction,” Hammer said. “I don’t want to speculate, but I would imagine once you have something in place, and it’s taken away, your employees are going to feel a sense of deprivation. A lot depends on how that is communicated. If there is no explanation when a program is cut, that is going to negatively affect employees.”

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