Looking for a landfill

Portland comes up empty when seeking a compost site for a popular composting program.

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Portland started a composting program for businesses several years ago, and since then it has grown in popularity. But no sites in the Portland have qualified to sport a much-desired compost landfill.

There’s good and bad news about the city of Portland’s four-year-old food composting program for local restaurants and businesses.

The good news is that it’s become so popular — with about 470 businesses volunteering to participate, generating more than 17,000 tons per year — that there is demand for a new compost site to come on line in the Portland area immediately, program managers say.

The bad news is that after four years of searching for a compost site much closer to home than the one currently being used — 170 miles north, near Seattle — officials with the city, Metro and other agencies have come up empty.

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