Splashing around

The tech blogs are abuzz about Splashcast’s status.

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Tech blog Silicon Florist follows the thread that started with TechCrunch and the O’s Mike Rogoway:

I pinged Berkley and Tom Turnbull, SplashCast’s VP of Business Development, to get some additional information.

Berkley echoed his comments to Rogoway, adding, “As you know, we switched focus from UGC to premium video over a year ago. It’s official now.”

Tom provided some additional details.

“We were not successful in raising a Series B,” said Tom. “No excuses. We just weren’t able to make it happen. Given limited resources, we need to sell the company. ”

And despite all that has happened, both Berkley and Tom remain “BIG, BIG, BIG fans of Portland.”

Read the full story at Silicon Florist.

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