Messy foreclosures continue

Frustrated homeowners facing foreclosure in Lane County are increasingly taking their anger out on their houses before leaving.

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Homeowners facing foreclosure in Lane County sometimes take their anger out on their foreclosed houses before leaving.

Real estate professionals report that some homeowners are increasingly stripping houses of appliances and fixtures, and even writing profanities on walls or smashing the walls with golf clubs.

Many foreclosed homeowners stop paying garbage bills before they’re forced out, and so they leave dump truck loads of trash and abandoned possessions in their wake.

“I’ve learned to tie garbage bags around my feet,” said Brian Schartz, a Lane County real estate agent who reports on the condition of houses to the out-of-town banks that have repossessed them. He works for John L. Scott Real Estate in Eugene.

His No. 1 rule: Never open a refrigerator.

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