Jantzen mall plans rehab

Managers of Jantzen Beach Supercenter outline a plan to tear down most of the mall and replace it with new storefronts.

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Jantzen Beach Supercenter managers plan to renovate the mall by tearing down most of it and replacing it with new storefronts.

They plan to meet with Portland city representatives on Tuesday to discuss the plan.

The mall would be replaced with 120,980 square feet of retail space, including a 65,000-square-foot grocery store, according to preliminary plans. A138,760-square-foot Target store along North Hayden Island Drive would replace the existing location inside the mall.

The redevelopment would make retail space easier to lease, said Sam Judd, vice president of investments for Edens & Avant, which manages the property. Many of the SuperCenter’s storefronts are now vacant.

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