Watchdog group says no to Oregon salmon

Seafood Watch guide says to “avoid” wild-caught salmon, despite Oregon’s first commercial salmon fishing season in three years.

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Wild-caught salmon is to be avoided in Oregon and California, says Monterey Bay Aquarium’s popular “Seafood Watch” guide.

Although it is the first commercial salmon fishing season off Oregon’s coast in three years, the salmon that originates in the Sacramento River and migrates to sea off of the Oregon Coast is depleted, according to Seafood Watch officials.

Ed Cassano,  director of the Seafood Watch program, said its review concluded that federal fishery managers shouldn’t have authorized fishing for Sacramento fall chinook in the first place given the perilous state of the run.

“It’s a hard thing to do,” Cassano said of the recommendation. “But we’re highly concerned that the season was opened at all.”


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