Death with Dignity, for a price

A Portland psychiatrist plans to open End of Life Consultants LLC., a business which aims to help patients end their lives.

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Stuart G. Weisberg seeks to open a Portland business which would charge patients $5,000 to end their lives under the Oregon Death with Dignity Act.

The company, End of Life Consultants LLC, will be unveiled at a July 21 presentation, where Jack Kervorkian is a supposed guest.


The website lists a host of fees, including a mandatory $600 for the stay at Dignity House and a mandatory $600 for “End of Life Camera,” which will record the patient’s last hours.

Optional fees include $400 for End of Life Catering, $400 for End of Life Security – a consultation with a “certified security agent” – $400 for linens and flowers from Weisberg’s home garden and $400 for End of Life Music, which promises two 100-minute sets of piano music that “will be magical.”


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