Portland’s poker face

Texas Hold ’Em fever has swept the nation and as a result poker parlors hosting tournaments are sprouting up around town.

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Each day, hundreds if not thousands of Portlanders are paying to enter Texas Hold ’Em tournaments at the growing number of poker parlors. Many more are entering regular tournaments held at bars, fraternal organizations and athletic clubs.

Most players say the new generation of Texas Hold ’Em poker clubs provide a harmless and relatively cheap form of entertainment. The Player’s Palace noon tournament cost $5 at the door plus $20 to enter the tournament, and perhaps $20 more for those who run out of chips and want to do a “rebuy.” Players also can stay and enter other tournaments staggered throughout the day.

“It’s a very inexpensive way to develop your skills as a poker player in a fun setting,” says Mark Humphrey, a regular at Club All In.

“You get burned and you lose your stack, you’ve lost 20 bucks and you’re alive for the next tournament.”

Some poker aficionados disagree.

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