State asks feds for money

Oregon and other states are asking Congress for help as they struggle to fill gaps in budget for Medicaid and schools.

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Governors, including Oregon Gov. Kulongoski, are looking for looking to Washington to close budget shortfalls.

Congress is struggling to decide how much money to put into state budgets, looking for a definition of “Good Samaritan.”

Is it Sen. Ron Wyden’s definition, which would mean adding $48 billion to the exploding deficit to pay for medical care for the poor as well as teacher salaries? Is it the tough love approach embraced by some fiscal hawks and many Republicans, who say the best way to help the states and the overall economy is to deny spending that adds to the deficit?

Or, is it the middle approach of Reps. Kurt Schrader, Peter DeFazio and others who say federal assistance for health care and education should be offered, but only if offset by other cuts in the budget?


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